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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Topics and/or Events
1.) The nonfiction book I read is called Cardboard Gods by Josh Wilker. It is a memoir about his life as a one-year-old in 1969 till his mid-30s in 2005. In this memoir Josh talks about his relationship with baseball and how it's helped him grow up and cope with the problems in his life.

2.)The author Josh Wilker, wrote this book based upon his life, a memoir of his past events.

3.) I chose this book to read because a friend of mine recommended it to me so I gave the book a read and didn't judge the book by its cover. One thing that made me keep reading the book is that it began during my favorite time period the 60s and 70s so I knew of a lot of what was mentioned such as music relations.

4.) I defiantly found the book realistic since it was a memoir of his life. The book does not connect to myself and life, the reason for this is because he had his mother and father but his mother had an affair and all during the while his brother was growing to become a druggie. I do not have a mother nor a brother none of the events that occurred during his life relates to my life and major events.

1.) The book is based on the author so all characters are real people in real life and time. So i believe the question is irrelevant.

2.) One of the characters in the story is his brother Ian which has brown curly hair and white pale skin. He reads books and plays baseball. Ian was a big inspiration to Josh and motivated Josh for most of his life. The second character isn't necessary a character but objects which were his baseball cards the cards were TOPPS baseball cards a brand of cards that were collectable items.

3.) The characters/objects were a big significants in his life which inspired or guided him through his life.

4.) One example of direct characterization is when he describes his father as an absent-minded sociologist. Another is when he describes his brother as a young Jim Palmer.

5.) No.

6.) There is no protagonist for it is a memoir/autobiography.

7.) Yes I did because I knew about himself and his life.


         My name is Analyssa Brown and I am a student of Dr. Prestons’ Expository Composition class. I have spent almost about 200 days in this class for that’s how many days there have been within this 2014 school year but sadly this is my last year. This being my last year this class has been my favorite out of all my classes I have taken through my 4 years of high school. The first day of my senior year felt like my first day in high school I wasn’t sure what to expect or how this year was even going to be since there was bound to be so much change within my self, my class mates, and overall life. I walked into Dr.Prestons’ class once again since it being my second year taking one of his classes. Reflecting over this school year I have changed my mindset, I have missed a lot of school days but this class being the class that kept me motivated and not giving up on my accomplishments. One thing I have done is I have I improved my writing, well its better than before that’s for sure.  I have also learned is to not treat my classmates as average people but as there my colleagues. My colleagues are all different individuals we may be in the same class but I have learned that we are all completely different. Given how I saw the individuality through each and everyone’s masterpiece projects. I do believe we all earn gratitude for our perseverance and for doing the work, but not all of us should gain the same amount of gratitude. For my masterpiece project I used photography. Once I got into this school year I somewhat lost my motivation for it but once Preston gave us the opportunity to use a passion or a future career I began to find my motivation and passion to pursue photography as a career. And I will also be pursuing photography at Allan Hancock Community College by taking their photography classes and having it as my major.  For the HERO part of this course I don’t want to say I completed all of what I was supposed to do but I did complete most. I do have a mentour to help me when I need photography advice I did conquer the challenge of finding my creativity again. Throughout this course there have been more than many enjoyable moments with Preston and my colleagues I can’t even think of one for their being so many. I can say hands down BEST CLASS EVER!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BEGGINNINGS 1- My revised version.

it was chilly, goose bumps were laying upon my open arm. California air being the coldest it could be in spring. I look over the rooftop of the parking complex my mind pondering into what I just done. Questioning why I am here. What have I done? that question going on and on through my head. But all doing so I smell the plumeria in my hand- its holds a sweet smell with a hint of her shampoo from when it layed in her hair- I had pulled it out when i held her down-  why did she want to leave? I couldnt let her...

Sunday, May 4, 2014


My masterpiece project has defiantly motivated a lot more to pursue photography as a career. For a few months I was starting to just give up on it, I had stopped taking photos, and began loosing interest and just thought whats the point? But now since really seeing how its making me go out there and show my work and gain more clients to build my portfolio and while making a living out of it. It has also given me motivation to get my license faster so I can travel on my own time and take photos out of town.


Well today for instinct I had done a maternity photo shoot and the whole time I was shooting I was stoked on the fact how I will be able to use these photos for my masterpiece project! It gave me a brighter outlook and motivation to really get things done. How fortunate am I and all the other students in the class to be able to do what they love and enjoy when all the while its for an english class project! AWESOME!!!


Hacking my learning environment for my success... Hmmm at first reading this and sorting out what exactly to do is tough.But after some thought and really enforcing the whole aspect of hacking my environment for MY success its plain and simple I would add more art make these bland walls surrounding me with photos that give me motivation to reach that level of talent for example add some Ansel Adams photos around the walls or Annie Leibowitz work. I would also take away the desks in the class room and add mini white boards around the board so the students can add there ideas and collaboration ideas and it will be seen by more people not just in that one class but in all the  class periods. Another factor for not just my success but for everyones to add computers at least 5 for when we do MGOTM we would have full access to a computer so then and there in that moment we can put upon action!